{TRANSISTIONS} Getting Mentally Prepared?

For many of us, the choice to go “Green” is a process that affects our lives on many levels. Discovering that the challenge lies in the consistency of resetting the mind, attitude and priorities behind the products we use and how we use them.

In the quest to transition what we use on our hair, skin and faces, cleansers, moisturizers, concealers, foundations, mascaras, shampoos, conditioners and everything in between containing chemicals that are un-natural and ultimately un-safe.

When transitioning the foods we put in our bodies, we go through a series of changes that if not prepared for it – your body will reject the change with cravings for even more of the bad food toxins already running through your bloodstream.  Causing an imbalance in blood glucose levels, hormone levels, digestive health and overall mood.  Hence, why cleansing and detoxing of the mind, body and spirit should be the foundation of going “Green

Even in the transition of our homes many challenges can be met and concurred starting first in the kitchen. One major and overlooked game-changer being the use of a microwave oven.  These widely popular and standard appliances in many homes dangerously change the molecular properties of food we eat.  With the build up of radiation being ingested in small amounts through food to the body with each meal.

The GLAM! Goes Green mission is to provide detailed and healthful information, ideas and examples of who glam and green while inspiring it’s followers to do the same.  Let’s face it, when hearing the term “go green” yes!, it’s fresh, vibrant and sleek but not really SEXYCONTRIVERSIAL  or even ATTRACTIVE enough to convince those of us who still consume and live a toxic lifestyle to implement real change.  GLAM! Goes Green promises to capture your mind with wake up messaging set to inspire change.


Being glamorous while still remaining conscious under all that GLAM! Has been a beautiful challenge for the self-proclaimed entrepernuer Anarnia H. A woman who’s passion for expression of her heritage and culture is ever changing. At age 19, Anarnia was diagnosed to live everyday of the rest of her life with the threat of Type I Diabetes. A disease that has no cure. However, plenty of organic remedies which have proven highly effective even in reaching the 18th anniversary of diagnosis. Nevertheless, the diseases’ potential to threaten the livelihood of this free-spirited wife, momentrepreneur has only been enough delay her goals for more planning and practice. The refusal to be yet another statistic of “dis-ease”, the inception of GLAM! Goes Green satisfies this self-proclaimed “Quiet Influencer” title. As a fashion artist, designer and seamstress putting her own take on all things creative, attention-grabbing and thought-provoking behind going green. By defining what that looks like from only Anarnia’s unique brand and perspective.



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